September 2019

28Sep - 5OktSep 2819:00Okt 5BodyBliss – A holy Week in the Essence of your Feminine BeingWomen Retreat on the Island of Corfu -- Language: ENGLISH(September 28) 19:00 - (Oktober 5) 9:00 Agios Stefanos, KorfuLehrer/in:Katrin Kohlbecher


BodyBliss – A holy Week to Reset and Replenish in the Essence of your Feminine Being

with Katrin Kohlbecher, Luzia Mara Schucan und Nisha Ackermann

From our deep connection with the magic and beauty of Corfu, we are inviting YOU to join our sisterhood-tribe. You are welcome, exactly as you are. Bring yourself in. In a safe and nourishing community, we can show ourselves, as we truly are, safe to express our wildness and gentleness, our Lilith and Eve. We know: when we are deeply nourished, we can be there for what TRULY matters to us.

A healthy rested woman, shining from her core can change the world!
* * What do I need to dare to be open, vulnerable & tender again?
* * How can I express my full body aliveness & creative power?
* * How can I stay centred & calm even when it is stormy?

We will nourish ourselves through:
* (Heart) Meditation * Movement Medicine Dance
* Chakra Breathing * Respectful, Nourishing Touch
* Womb Blessing Ritual at the Ocean * Cacao Ceremony
* Trance Dance Journey * Deep Soul Inquiry

No matter if you are 17 or 70, you are welcome as you are, to join us at your own pace, co-creating
a deep sense of well-being in yourself and around you. We will meet in the morning and in the evening
for 2 hours each. In between there is enough time to follow your own sensual flow.

Katrin Kohlbecher – Qualified Movement Medicine Teacher, Movement Therapist & Embodiment Coach. Embodying a deep love for life she accompanies women into their full blossom, through movement and creative expression.

Luzia Mara Schucan – Conduit for the awakening of feminine Powers, Priestess of the Moon and Midwife for a Golden Earth. With compassion and clarity she‘s serving the planet and humanity to shift into a new paradigm.

Nisha Ackermann – Ayurveda Therapist, Woman’s Temple Leader, Rainbow Priestess. She lives in Corfu offering BodySoul Sessions & Retreats. Loving Grandmother & Priestess she empowers the recovering of trust, bliss and freedom.

Participation: 480 EUR | Early Bird before July 15 2019: 410 EUR!
Accommodation: 490 EUR | incl. Vegetarian Breakfast & Dinner
Contact: or +49 163 315 27 14


September 28 (Samstag) 19:00 - Oktober 5 (Samstag) 9:00


Ouranos Club, Agios Stefanos, Korfu

Agios Stefanos, Korfu


Participation: 480 EUR – Early Bird before July 15 2019: 410 EUR | Accommodation: 490 EUR – incl. Vegetarian Breakfast & Dinner


Katrin KohlbecherEmail:, Telefon: 0163-31 52 714

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